Manufacturers of

PTFE Bellows

  • Types : QVF Bellow for Glass piping systems and Line Bellows for lined piping systems to accommodate shocks, vibrations, Linear expansion, compression of lines, axial misalignment etc. Valves with spindle for sealing fluid in glandless valves Stirrer Bellow for accommodating vibrations and shocks etc. Bellows are Piston in glandless metering pumps.
  • Note : Bellows with ‘V' section convolutions are highly extensible, but notch-sensitive and hence suitable for use only at low pressure.
    While Bellows with rounded convolutions are less flexible and extensible but suitable for use at high pressure.
  • Size : 25mm NB onwards upto 300mm NB.Bigger sizes on order with or without Aluminium or Steel flanges.